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It Was All A Dream

Hi! I'm Teresa. I am the creative brain behind this place called KIDTASTIK. I hope you have had a chance to look around, because I am proud of what I have built. You see, what you see now that is KIDTASTIK has come alooooong way.

My College Pre-School Planning Binder

KIDTASTIK has been a dream of mine since I was a college student back in the early 2000's at Florida A & M University. I was an education major focusing my studies on early childhood education. The concept of KIDTASTIK was originally a preschool. When I started my career as a classroom teacher, I gave myself five years and then I would open what was to be known as KIDTASTIK Early Learning Center. Fast forward 17 years later and that never happened.

My Kindergarten Classroom

My years as a classroom teacher were spent impacting the lives of 100's of kindergarten, head-start and some 1st grade students. I spent 3 months in a 1st grade classroom, does that count? LOL

Six years into my career took me back to my dream. I began working directly with childcare centers as a "Quality Rating Specialist." That was a fancy term for basically a coach. I did everything; classroom arrangements, training, preparation for accreditation, lesson planning with teachers, ordering materials, etc. It was in this position that I realized that I loved helping teachers be their best selves! I got so much joy watching teachers mature and become empowered to teach better. It was during these times that I began my journey to train professionally at conferences. My first conference presentation had a packed room! I had made a name for myself from my work with childcare centers. I was shocked, amazed and excited. I couldn't believe that people wanted to hear what I had to say. They wanted to learn how I could help them be better teachers in the classroom.

My 1st Time as a Conference Presenter

Since then, I have trained locally in my city, I have trained statewide and even nationally with rave reviews from attendees.

So, there you have it. KIDTASTIK, from past concept to present day reality. Do I still dream of owning a school? Far away in the back of mind, I do. Only life knows if that dream will come true.

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