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Every educator knows that curriculum and discipline go hand in hand. We easily prepare academic lesson plans – BUT – what about behavioral lesson plans. This book provides 100 behavioral lesson plans for educators (no need to recreate the wheel – it’s been done for you!). The most useful behavior lessons are included – saving educators valuable time and energy.


Students can learn to be responsible for their own behavior and for their own learning, but these skills must first be taught. This book focuses on proven strategies for teaching important skills to students, evaluating their successes, and holding them accountable for behavior in order to maximize student achievement. Specific techniques are outlined for preventing discipline problems and dealing effectively with those that do occur.



This is a music CD. Teachin’ The Blues Away lyrics were written for the classroom teacher and are riddled with tips, strategies, and ideas – mixed together with Blues music. Vocals are by John Carswell. John has played with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Muddy Waters, to name just a few. It is unique in that we perform and have fun with you and at the same time we also teach you! We celebrate both the challenge and joy of teaching on this VERY UNIQUE product. There is nothing like it.

200+ pages!! Unfortunately we do not sell this resource online. It is given to participants of our seminars nationwide, and at our on-site trainings conducted in schools and districts. This Resource Manual provides cutting edge ideas, strategies, tips, and techniques that will forever increase your teaching time, student on-task time, and reduce stress for you and your students. Our innovative strategies establish optimal learning environments. You will go way beyond discipline to create a program that will change your students’ behavior.


This manual also serves as the text for up to 3 college credits as part of the full-day seminars.

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